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The reason you are purchasing a ticket to our event is you support Economic Fairness for all Cultures, Social Integrity and Anti-descriminatory behavioural Psychology. You are hoping to enjoy good Music and the URBAN Vibe of London ! Payment means you will be provided your ticket and ID Documents requested before attendance. Do not hesitate to send us an email if there are any issues regarding bookings.



If the soccer players or other sporting athletes listed in our articles change clubs, Does that mean the Racism didn't happen ? The Answer is NO, therefore as time moves on so does Racism and racist culture. In order to minimize this type of derogatory behaviour, our articles will remain relevant until we see due change in and around various social settings in the sports community sufficient enough for us to feel that the chances of such racist actions or Racism happening again is negligible. For each individual or sporting club the circumstances surrounding the racist behaviour will be different.


All articles on this page are just opportunities to have a positive response and help to develop social dynamics, Racism does not have an order or time schedule, therefore we give a 5yr time allowance to collate different sources of racially sensitive behaviour in the sports and Music Industry, so all articles bellow are not listed in chronological order but are updated as and when necessary.   


 Mohammad Siraj - Making complaint

Source : " times now news ( India) "

                                             illegal Racial Profiling


Local news : If the police are using technology supported by the UK Government to target young Black business/working males through gps tracking and other methods as a form of psychological harassment then what chance do we stand in moving forward as a progressive society. Why are Corporate boardrooms decade after decade having low numbers from the Black and ethnic minority community ?  There should be measures in place that prevent government and Law enforcement from using technology to assist in locating and psychologically abusing young Black men or individually targeting those trying to move forward from a negative past or develop smaller black businesses through a turbulent Landscape. This is not good for overall mental wellbeing of individuals in the community.

                                       Metropolitan Police Article

Source : " the times "

article also available online through the "newsshopper"  

Domestic Incidents London

In a domestic matter involving an Arab family where the Father was in a physical Altercation with a member of the Black community due to a domestic disagreement surrounding Parenting, Items were stolen from the Black person's travel bag by the kids of the Man from the Arab family during the incident as they both live in the same building (HMO). How does law enforcement secure the return of the item to the individual from the Afro community if the father of the children denies his kids stole these items during the physical disagreement ? Is this because of an extreme difference in Parenting from the Black Culture to the Arab Culture. Respecting how to improve your Culture can be about just being open to change some traditions that do not work in western society. Children should not be directly involved in Adult disputes.

                              Kyrie Irving Victim of Unacceptable behaviour

Basketball is a sport that captivates Global audiences, therefore race plays an important part in the make-up of all players Mental Wellbeing. Some incidents may be genuinely racist or some incidents may be misinterpreted as racist. However it is important to identify when this behaviour is Genuine and repeated through different areas of the sport in an organised way . For the love of the beautiful game, fans must channel anger, frustration and aggression through different means than to hate someone because of the colour on their skin. Once the perpetrators are identified they shouldn't just be banned or arrested but also asked to attend Mandatory counselling sessions to understand why they think the way they feel and look at realistic steps to change their behaviour through a better understanding of Black culture.



Irving said after the Celtics game :

Source : NY times                                                          Date: May 2021

Irvine now at the Mavericks


            NAOMI OSAKA QUITS Tournament due to Mental Health related 

                                                MEDIA PRESSURE

Athletes from black and Multi-ethnic backgrounds face all kinds of problems whether there is a racial Undertone or NOT. The Athlete had to withdraw from a Global tournament , this is a clear indication that the structure of how some sports are governed around race and mental Wellbeing is questionable to say the least.



Source: Eu-US Today, Independent.                                              Date: May 2021





Even though Dembele was classed as a black Muslim before his marriage, We have to remember that a Muslim in Africa is completely different an Arab Muslim. There are Cultural practices outside of religion that his new Partner may not understand and also the same for some Cultural practices from her Traditions. The reason for writing about this topic is C.O.S.A.M. want to look at the question of , " is this good for the Black Culture ? "

The food from their respective regions are different , the language will never be a barrier because the Language of Islam is one. However , psychology and habits of the psyche of each individual may be different as the Arab Culture can be seen as feeling the black culture is somewhat inferior. 

A Decision and compromise will have to be made not just in the case of the Osama Dembele, but for all inter-Cultural Marriages between the Black and Arab Culture of who will be the dominant Culture in the household, as this will then influence how you raise your children and what belief systems you want them to adopt.

Dembele, such a Unique player who is under-rated and of world class quality, we hope establishes respect for the Black community with this inter-Cultural marriage.   


                      JOURNALISM and RACIAL MATTERS


We would like to give Stephen.A Smith credit as a sports reporter for standing up to racism in a fair and transparent way. He has been an advocate of equality in the sports industry throughout his career as a journalist and has guided youth with the right examples of how to deal with racism on a daily basis psychologically as well as verbally. In the Tim Anderson incident regarding "J.Robinson" comments by a fellow baseballer during a game earlier this year, Mr Smith was very clear when reporting on ESPN as to what constitutes an individual's allegation of racism as credible, and how to appropriately contextualise such incidents . Being Transparent as a reporter is not an easy task in this modern era.  



 WHY is there not an acceptable way for identifying someone who is Trans-Gender visually ?This has been an on-going issue that should be addressed by the Government not just for the UK But for other countries as well. The UK now has a fairly new law allowing people who have changed their Gender to obtain a Gender certificate which means they have to be known by their new acquired gender. Is this law fair ? Also we need to look at what does this mean for competing in Sporting Events .

The UK Government said the following, in their spring statement 2 years ago."BIOLOGICAL MALES SHOULDN'T COMPETE IN WOMEN'S ONLY EVENTS " , this statement was overdue . Here at " Code Of Sport and Music " we feel that Trans-gender individuals should have sporting competitions created for their own social group, where they can compete more fairly. If there is not enough popularity for their sport then the only right decision is to wait until their learned sport is given a chance to find a big enough audience, which can then allow Sporting officials to integrate this sport into the appropriate world sporting event. ( updated 6th Feb 2024 )



Similarly, if you are a Black person competing in a sport, you may have your own behavioural psychology practices that is not completely respected by your sporting colleagues or your team mates. Preventing you from being a True representation of yourself. However, by identifying with a particular Brand in fashion that aligns more closely with your Core beliefs Culturally or as an individual, this will allow your professional colleagues to treat you more appropriately and can help you to express yourself in a truer light, bringing the wider public closer to you as a person and as a professional too, allowing you to perform to your TRUE Potential.

In DEC 2023 there has been a new statement released regarding Children and Socially Transitioning. The existing government has said they are happy for children to have the responsibility of making the choice relating to sexually transitioning and have the support of their parents or teachers in accordance with safeguarding their social integrity as a child.

We believe children cannot make decisions to socially transition unless they have  been influenced to do so from their family life at home. The country needs to make the UK's social stance on this topic clear, to  stop there being exploitation of children in domestic environments by cultures who are "gender neutral" friendly.

Transitioning sexually is a social Transition that will affect your group of friends, children who wish to be Gender neutral will have a different social group to children who do not wish to share hetro-sexual spaces, this will cause a whole host of issues including concerns surrounding bullying and also confusion from that child about their Gender Identity , as they may change their mind by the time they complete secondary education. We will re-iterate again that for this reason children should not make choices on changing their Gender until the age of 21. We feel the correct way from a societal point of view is, children shouldn't be pressured to change their gender but instead informed about the benefits and draw-backs so when they are at the correct age they can make the correct decision without confusion. 

Our view on UK Political decisions

The London Mayor proposed to have all bus services in London owned by one Company. This is something that will help the Capital immensely and prevent corruption from companies that have Cultural biases which influence how they run their service leading to inconsistencies within their bus services depending on where in London you are travelling from. A single organisation controlling all buses will run a much more efficient service, which also helps tourism. ( entry 9th May 2024 )


Statement Source "trans-gender and racism" : The Indian (online) , The Guardian updated Dec2023



Williamson sets his sights on becoming MVP for 2024/2025 season. If we look at the stats from basketball research this shows that most MVP's since the early 90's avaerage in the high 20's for points per game while Zion currently averages almost 23 points per game. To improve his points per game average Williamson will have to be involved in more basketball games which means staying injury free. If both himself and other big game players for the Pelicans are all without injury at the start of the new campaign will he remain with the Pels for another season ?

People want to watch players playing for a team that gives them the fairest opportunity to express their talent and entertain the fans with unforgettable experiences. Dealing with social and personal issues that does not disrupt his game will be a priority for Williamson in the upcoming season. He has always handled outside disruptions very well and also deserves full credit for his work with local kids.

You can clearly see he strives to set the right example on the basketball court and there are not many that has his ability when it's game time. Williamson also has his own sneaker line that is very popular with the younger generation all striving to be the next Zion on the court in colleges all around the USA. The outlook for the new season will mean alot of hard work for the basketball talent and in our opinion only a matter of time before the MVP Award is his.

 source : the guardian, cosam digital media  ( 12/8/2023, updated 2/6/2024 )


 HOW Rapman is Changing 

the Perception of younger Black youth


 Every decade is different, just as every generation of each respective Culture is different. The films directed by Rapman such as " BLUES STORY " and " SHIRO'S STORY " has given the younger generation a chance to audition for films depicting roles similar to the Lifestyle and trials/tribulations of their older generation.(Eventhough we would not Advise our Audience to watch SHIRO'S STORY due to a young child being fatally shot during the film due to the actions of the main Role play Character in the film ). Rapman still gives older teenagers the opportunity to audition for films which is a good thing/positive that keeps youth off the streets from doing negative things that can ruin communities and instead provides something to work towards and express their talent by replicating a previous time in London's Black Culture through Acting. Premier league footballers who have come through a rough upbringing due to lack of family finances have all had to avoid this street life in order to become successful footballers. It is important we remember this when we look to premier league stars to support communities, especially in London.

 For men and women currently over 30 years old in London and surrounding areas, the experience of attending youth clubs when growing up still left us with a vast amount of hours to spare and this spare time gradually became time spent on the streets. However, with the development of social media and Black role models for the younger generation such as Rapman, modern youth centres for young adults  can now offer group acting lessons as well as social media tutorials for sharing positive social experiences from everyday life, also centres can look at how to develop more professional/Business oriented profiles more geared towards their chosen career they intend to pursue, if they would like to run their own company just like Rapman.

Youth clubs must also now have table tennis tables, pool tables as well as playstation games consoles. Opening hours for the appropriate ages should be every weekday and not just one or two days per week. This is something we see as an evolvement of youth clubs not just in London but other areas too.

The British film industry has seen more recent development of a few other prominent Black actors but not enough directors of colour, which is why Rapman's shot at a filming career is now helping to change the perception of Black street Culture in film and Music. 

source : COSAM Team






A big part of racism as we have indicated previously is people from the Black community being forced to implement specific behavioural psychological attributes before being allowed to work with Corporation News channels such as Sky news in the UK.

Sky are modern and clever at how they administer Racism through psychology and by the amount of Black sports personalities they interview or employ. However, because you speak to people of colour for sporting reasons for the financial benefit of your corporation this does not mean your business has integrity in dealing with Racism or Combatting Anti-discriminatory behavioural psychology that can lead to racism if allowed to linger.

Alot of Racist incidents leading to bigger problems starts from not understanding someones behavioural pattern or mis-communication. This is why, as well as speaking, allowing individuals to communicate psychologically through their body language will minimize the chances that some incidents are perceived as racist. Sports reporters are expected to represent their corporations with accurate behavioural patterns reflecting the Culture of their company. However , normal fans/members of the general public should also be respected on their own behavioural patterns not just relating to pro-homosexual behavioural psychology but also hetro-sexual behavioural psychology ( depending on their behavioural patterns from home ). Sky news and sports analysis employees have notably recently adjusted their behavioural psychology and body language behavioural patterns to suit both the caucasian and Black/multi-ethic cultural groups in recent months to become more unbiased and we give them genuine acknowledgement  for this adjustment. ( Sept 2023 )

10th March 2024

After an Epic game of football involving Liverpool fc and Manchester City, highlighting why the EPL is the most competitive league in the world sky sports Pundits complimented this game by showing collective interpersonal behavioural psychology that reflected the existing psychological sphere of the nation's sports fans, which exemplifies what social integrity is about. Being able to understand one another through effective non-verbal communication not only in the media but also off the football field is a vital solution to minimising racism and racist behaviour in the game. Through this shared understanding, the game moves forward as a whole. As a fellow small media company and sports fans ourselves the COSAM Team says Thank you. 

However, outside of the studio and Sports Punditry Sky continues to be a problem in local communities in the sense that there is no connection with urban media companies that prioritises Social Integrity, how can sky prioritise Social Integrity when they were not Started as a business on this basis, therefore Sky needs to align with local digital media companies that genuinely adhere to Social Integrity standards in the Social environments outside of the studio. This will then add to the media portfolio of the Sky entity creating a more balanced media environment in London and the UK.


 Source : COSAM digital media Team








Here in the UK there are a lot of young Adults who have grown up around football, supporting their favourite teams and have always had the football topic as a focal point of Social discussion between themselves and their peers. once you have gone through the stages of playing football in the park with mates then you move unto college , work, University or a Sports career. You can also be absorbed by the street life for both positive and negative reasons depending on the prevalent Culture that influences your community. some cultures influence positively all other Cultures while others are more insular. Our world is made up of different Human species and the most important thing is that Cultures help each other where possible without restricting other Cultures.  

How football club ownership influences communities is not something that has been looked at in the previous years, but as time changes, society will have new problems. Therefore some issues are addressed as and when necessary keeping up to date with the status quo. If a football club has Arab owners then their culture will heavily influence that community , which can be both a good and Bad thing for the UK.  The fact is PSG from the French league has Arab owners, and on a local community level their Culture heavily influences the local shops, and also the population of that Culture generally increases from a youth level upwards. This is information we received from people who have spent time in France close to the Capital near the football Stadium. If you look at the Champions league final there was unrest and violence from the locals ( "many people complained about getting mugged around the stadium" ) and we are not saying all the violence and unrest came from individuals in the Aarab community , we are simply making a point that when football clubs appoint new owners its not just about the money. Those owners also have a social responsibility. 

In the premier League we already have two Clubs with Arab owners, if Arab owners then buy Liverpool Football Club as well, we think this will cause an Imbalance of the Arab Culture not only influencing football but general Lifestyle in communities on a street level.

If Liverpool have American owners, we think they should sell to American owners as they themselves had bought the club from American buyers to preserve the integrity of the Club.

We know that Arabs are Oil rich, but even if club buyers are not from the Arab region for financial integrity reasons and to protect our communities, the football governing organisations in the UK and Europe should do the relevant due diligence to make sure that there is no corruption linked to the buyer's Earnings from a financial level or a Cultural competence level.  


Source : COSAM TEAM, the Guardian ( article : 9th June 22 )



Should Jordan Henderson stay on as Liverpool Captain or give the captaincy over for the team to embrace a new captaincy style. Jordan Henderson's home town Sunderland located in the same region as Newcastle United who have just qualified for the champions league, he is a product of the Sunderland youth Academy. At 33 years old is this the right time for him support a different captain in their new quest for European Glory and a rejuvenated attempt for champions league success if they qualify next season. 

Jordan Henderson is a huge supporter of the Transgender community and will hope that if he decided to start a new Challenge with a Team such Newcastle United or further away from home that he is able to have the right balance in relation to inclusivity not only for the transgender community, but also for the Black Afro Caribbean/African hetro-sexual and homo-sexual community as well. 

He has now opted for a move to the Middle-East ( 2023-2024 season ) on a long term deal where he joins Liverpool soccer Messiah Stephen Gerrard. With warmer climate than the UK but different rules and restrictions surrounding the hetro-sexuallity and homo-sexually, this will be an interesting phase in the ex-Liverpool skippers Career. 

(updated Jan 2024) After just 6 months in the Middle-East Jordan has now left this region and opted for a move to the Dutch league. He has had less than 20 appearances which have included 4 assists, but leaving this early into a deal that was supposed to see him all the way to the end of his career is questionable. He has been asked to explain the REASON for leaving but has been unclear about this, however he has indicated that both parties were happy and he now just wants to move forward. We believe he can offer positive qualities to any team and hope he is able to maintain his core beliefs as an individual helping the youth in the dutch league.





Why sterling has underperformed in the 2022/2023 season after his move worth £50 million? With just 6 goals and 3 assists in his first season with the Blues, he will be looking to make an improvement on those numbers moving forward . His Clothing brand 1692 that has inspiration from the island of Jamaica, and his birth city has been a good addition to his business portfolio. Has there been issues off the football field such as his fashion brand and other social topics that are more personal which may have affected his ability to perform.

The 2023-24 season has been an opportunity for sterling to make an impact at Club level. Footballers at this level need to avoid psychological ditches created by the media or at general social gatherings in order to have positive mental wellbeing and sustained peak performance.

Here at COSAM DIGITAL, we always knew Sterling had the ability to deliver from 2009, a year before he signed for the Liverpool Academy. This shows the importance of effective urban youth culture, starting from a domestic environment at home.


Mbappe in line to set new Standards for Diversity

Can Mbappe become the first Black soccer player in History to move Clubs for Social Integrity reasons? If Madrid choose Mbappe over Haaland does this show their commitment to changing to a club who supports Social Integrity and improved Social dynamics when looking at how the game has changed and the evolvement of Social media. Players are now not only impacted by matters on the football field but also are psychologically affected depending on issues linked to their social media image or their personal life socially. Social media is an opportunity for fans to now know more about a football player than in previous years where we only had what we read in the newspapers or watched on Television to go on.

Social media provides an opportunity for Mbappe to actively voice Social Integrity Strategies. We have seen other sports athletes stand up as Brand ambassadors in fashion, but never on a sporting level in support of Social Integrity as this is something that is intangible. Being a Cultural ambassador in the sport of Soccer not only in Europe  but other areas of the world as well, would be simply ground breaking for the French phenomenon.

Haaland now looks set to stay at city for the 2024/2025 season and Mbappe will hope to continue his work with small businesses in appropriate areas that move the game forward as things develop around the sport, the Cosam digital Team sees the french striker as a " Natural Born " inspiration.

Source : Cosam digital media June 2023



The Greatest basketball player of all time involved with Business and supporting communities 


Mr Jordan, after a 13 year spell in charge of Basketball club the Hornets, has spent 60 days since the news broke enjoying his success after selling his majority stake in the TEAM for in excess of $3 BILLION USD. A man who has never turned his back on multi-ethnic communities , Mr Jordan is one to learn from when we talk about making smart investments and growing businesses from start to million dollar corporate companies. The business initiatives his group has provided for younger generations goes a long way in securing his legacy not just as the greatest of all time but also as a Business man. Mr Jordan's investment team could also invest in businesses outside of the USA. There is no " I " in the word Team so there will always be an element of cooperation when working with incentives offered by Mr Jordan's business group.

source : COSAM DIGITAL MEDIA August 2023


 Curtis Jones a soccer player of mixed heritage, known as someone who embraces the Muslim Culture, will pave the way for Future Muslims who have adapted to Western Society or may even be finding this difficult, by showing how someone of mixed colour can be focused on their sports career as a professional footballer but still have respect for a spiritual and peaceful religion such as Islam. Known as a box to Box midfielder, the question is can he prove the doubters wrong by scoring more EPL Goals in the 2023 - 2024 season than previously or will he become a legendary defensive midfielder ? He needs to be clear about his direction as a football player.





Does Eddie  Hearn help successful athletes become good business men ?


Eddie Hearn is a Role model for not only Kids of colour, but for the Urban community as a whole. He is seen as a success story and true Entrepreneur of British Culture. Making match ups against world Champions and others who have trained their whole life for one match that if they loose can ruin their career. As a sports promoter he knows all about SPONSORSHIP and Sponsoring small businesses that can help move the Culture of his Sport forward on a Global Level. So here at COSAM DIGITAL we ask, why not offer business courses for those athletes who have tried the sport and failed , Why not cultivate a new generation of Business men through Business workshops and tutorials that actually explain the ins-and-outs of his Sport and how he actually makes all his money. This will inspire youth who are not only in the amateur tier of the sport but also professionals who are retired and wish to pursue a professional career in business. Could we see Eddie Making a guest appearance at next Years Black Business week to provide a Sports Promotion Workshop for both young and older Entrepreneurs.             



Source: code of sports and music


                                                                     GAY WOMEN


There are lesbian couples who support the Trans-gender community and also Lesbian couples that dont support trans-gender groups . Everyone has a different belief surrounding issues relating to Gender and sexual orientation but when it comes to sports, you look at a female soccer player such as Huwa Cissoko and the complaints she has openly revealed about racial abuse, this makes you wonder about the boundaries of racism. Not only in the mens game but also in the female too , and there are some Lesbian couples who are appauled by this and others who are willing to turn a blind eye. Turning a blind eye is not the answer.

According to the Guardian, in a soccer game  ( 0CT 2023 ) featuring Hawa Cissoko she received trolling on her Social Media account and was very unhappy about the abuse she attracted after a game for her club.  Following this game she vowed to become the first female referee after retiring from her professional football career to try and help make a positive impact against racism in the sport of Soccer.

The soccer player said, " These people, they can say alot of things on social media, but if they met me, they would never say this because they would see I am human with a heart ".

" I turn off my phone, they don't exist. The most important thing is the relationship I have with my Teammates, my coach and Family. "

source: Cosam Digital Team 2023


Rihannah before motherhood, has now changed her outlook on Life and domestic Parenting


Rihanna believes in showing her support for dad's from the Afro-Culture in domestic Parenting Scenario's. Rihanna revealed she and her Partner didnt turn to a nanny after having their son. She also said her and her son's dad chose to go it alone for their Son's first few days. She would rather leave her son with their Dad, instead of her friends or at worst even complete strangers. Rihanna understands that the relationship she has with her Partner prevents her from leaving her baby in situations where he is Vulnerable or open to child exploitation. 

The singer claims their son favors his Dad and added that, she realises now that a son always needs validation from their father. Eventhough not yet married, Rihanna gives credit to her Partner helping to improve the image of Dad's in the Afro Culture.

Rihanna realises the importance of bringing kids up as a family instead of as a single parent, and eventhough the singer has millions to her name financially, she knows that single Mums and Dad's who do not have financial resources to always protect their kids can lead to scenario's of Vulnerability . When asking for help in safeguarding their child's wellbeing, marriages can sometimes over complicate things and i think Rihanna realises that the most important thing is raising your children together. This also helps to motivate fathers from the Afro Culture who value doing daily essentials with their children. 


Cosam digital Team 13/8/2023


On the opening day of the EPL 2023, soccer players were boo'd for taking the knee in a show of solidarity against racism. Vincent Kompany, the manager of the home Team said " Let's be honest, this is not something new, it is not something that has happened for the first time, so of course i am not happy with this, I am not. the colour of my skin should make it clear why ! all in all the amount of people that boo'd is alot less than it use to be ". Kompany actually indicated this was an improvement in the home fans behaviour.

A Manchester City defender of colour, was also struck by an object during the Game. Once again at COSAM DIGITAL MEDIA we say, you cannot complain about racism abroad if you cannot clean up the racist Culture on your home court. Now we all know who was the Manager of the home team a few weeks before they were relegated in Spring of the last year. Let us hope that Kompany is given at least 3 years in the Job if he does well and not dispatched as Patrick Viera was earlier this year (2023) when Crystal Palace were 12th in the League,  they are a team who have not long been promoted to the EPL from the Championship ( one tier below the EPL ) , so this was disappointing to see Viera gone after just over a year in charge. Viera has now moved on to a club in the French League and was one of the greatest box to box midfielder's in the league's History.

At the start of the 2024 season Vincent Kompany will be the manager of the most successful Team in German History. He has recently accepted this role after failing to keep Burnley in the EPL. He is super greatful for being given a Chance, after helping Burnley to promotion in 2023. Can he become the first manager of colour to lift the Champions league trophy or will he fall short and lose his job in the first year. This is a big step for the former Belgian International soccer Player and could potentially open new doors for other managers of colour across the world. ( Updated 1stJune,2024 )

source : and Cosam digital Team 




With a move to R.Madrid now complete for Mbappe, will Jay-z continue his support for Social Integrity in the Sports and Music Industry. An influential figure in both the NFL and NBA he was thought to have backed a move for Kylian Mbappe to the Premier League. This is because, to Jay-Z Social Integrity strategies were needed in the Premier League to challenge racism in small pockets of some soccer stadiums that can then influence the mood of the whole stadium. The US based business magnet 13 years ago in 2010 did voice his interest in buying a premier league club if the "right opportunity presented itself " and eventhough he is a gunners fan the reality is money doesn't pick sides. The Gunners were challenging for the top 4 position in the premier league this season but ultimately the tittle belonged to City (2024).

The Legendary Urban Music Artist has now realised the time has come to look at FUTURE options for 100% progress in the North of Spain, for the benefit of Social Integrity. To Jay-Z Social Integrity has now become essential for the advancement of social cohesion in sports to bring things to a new level in European soccer. Looking at the impact of the destination where sporting talents such as Kylian Mbappe decides to play his soccer and how the potentially meteoric rise of his new club's social standing will  have a beneficial effect on urban football in streets all over Europe, this will grow a Jay-Z Social Integrity theme with lots of support from the Urban community.

Mr Carter has heaped praise on the all white and Pink Adidas Stan smith's as the only sneaker that represents true diversity for sexual orientation, supporting both parents who support early Gender based choices for children before puberty and also supporting parents from cultures that allow responsible gender based choices for kids after puberty giving kids the right to choose their gender once reaching the appropriate adult age and having done the relevant research. This allows them to make an informed decision on their Gender after the age of 20yrs old. Cosam digital would once again like to re-iterate, we only agree with the later but Mr Carter, a supporter of fairness in society has commended the Pink and White Stan Smith's for also supporting early Gender based choices facilitating those cultures that have this philosophy ingrained in their traditions.

After videos were released ( You tube ) by another global rap Artist Mr Jackson, showing Mr Carter and Mr Combs ( P.Diddy ) being intimate with each other. Mr Carter has made it clear that he is not Bi-sexual and images showing him being intimate with another male rap artist were just to appease a new audience, showing support for Diversity.


Source: and cosam digital Team 



From the Black Business week top 25 Entrepreneurs to watch 2023-4 Social Media pages, we think Timmi Merriman the financial consultant had the most interesting page. Eventhough we are concerned that he chose to do cross-network work by leaving the ITV Network from where he had his first interview, to being interviewed by the BBC. We ask the question, should he look at the social ethics of the network he choses to work with and then stay loyal ? ( Choosing between ITV Or the BBC depending on who his social ethics align with the most ). 

Then he should look at financial growth and Fiscal policy for the Urban community in a meaningful way, not just by responding to financial issues regarding the English Economy but also financial matters regarding Black businesses in the Urban community as well, Such as a yearly review of the financial performance for the Top performing Black businesses in the UK and Globally as well, of course this may require extensive research but including in his role of financial advice on the individual and collective performance of Black businesses will be scrutenizing tax details and numbers from businesses in the urban communities in different parts of the world that are relevant to the growth of the BAIEM community in the UK and Globally to encourage effective trade to help the economy. This attitude will Unfreeze a lot of cash owed to urban small businesses. 

At COSAM Digital Media, we want to be the largest generator of Wealth for small Black businesses in the world. Anyone can throw 50 thousand dollars at a small business and watch the business go down the ditch, but the question is can you throw 50 thousand pounds at a smaller Black business and Nurture that business into becoming a Multi-Million pound Business. 

Instagram : @mrmoneyjar

source: cosam digital team



There are not enough young Urban artists in the UK that promote positivity with the music they create to inspire the younger generation of aspiring Black and multi-ethnic Entrepreneurs to become successful business men and women in the corporate boardroom. 

                      JAY-A : NEVER AGAIN

Jay-A currently has music in the TOP 20 of the Jamaican singles Chart and although his music will not be seen as positive by all, we believe he has more positive music than the majority of young developing Urban and reggae Artists in the Music industry. He also believes in children making early Gender based choices as long as they are not from a broken home and have parents who are Married. However, eventhough this can be seen as responsible decision making, Cosam Digital Media does not agree with this as we have always said children should only make decisions regarding sexuality after reaching puberty.

Jay-A himself would like to collaborate with Latin Artist Paloma Mami potentially and if this does not happen, he still wishes to encourage legitimate professional growth for all working adults in Latin and caribbean countries that are finding things difficult due to problems in their economy and believes that all legitimate professional work from both male and female in these economies should be supported for development by larger economies in Europe and other areas of the world as this also helps to promote positive tourism. 


In her most recent interview with Pamela Diaz ( January 2024 ) , Paloma Mami has indicated she sees all black men from the caribbean as feminine but Jay-A disagrees with this view and believes black men in the Caribbean and South Africa (9th largest country in the african regioncan be both masculine and feminine. He also believes that by observing an individuals behavioural psychology, they should be respected for how they are, providing that the individual is willing to respect other people's point of view themselves. This is why he believes a collaboration with Paloma Mami will take the cultural relationship with Jamaica and Latin American Artists to New Levels. It is important not to go around in circles as he feels both cultures have done for the previous few years and things need to move forward. To move away from the stigma of going around in circles, he knows both musicians must show how they can improve cultural integration ties by displaying their musical Artistry.

He is unhappy with the image that latin America has of black men as being one dimensional or just feminine and wants to add more balance to the social dynamic not just in the Caribbean islands but overseas as well. 

December 2023 ( updated feb 2024 )


Has Thiago Alacantra done enough to help Social Integrity and minimise Racism in Spain by speaking with his fellow professionals from from his 1st club Barcelona about strategies that can help to reduce the Racist Culture in football from his home country.

When we look at Thiago's Liverpool agreement for 200k per week, this does make you think if those finances finances were put towrards attracting the world's best forward, would LFC's tittle challenge have more opportunity of success considering he has been sidelined for almost a year. 

When available for selection and we look at key passes leading to goals or successful attempts on target from outside the 18 yard Box, have there been enough attempts on target from outside the box from the versatile midfielder and even though he is a talented member of the Liverpool squad with an arrey of technical passes per game, how many of these are key assists leading to goals ?

At Cosam Digital media we believe football players should be more socially active with community work during rehabilitation from injury and with so many issues on and off the field in the world of sport today, there should be strategies placed in soccer player agreements to address this. 

Source : Cosam digital Media



Audi Uk, a key member of the volkswagon group have offered a leasing service to the urban community in support of social Integrity. This new initiative from the German Vehicle manufacturer is offered to small businesses only, and will allow the use of more environmentally friendly rental/lease vehicles to urban businesses to improve mobility in the capital.

What does this mean for those consumers from the Black and multi-ethnic community looking to lease or rent vehicles for day to day social travel without adversely affecting the environment and saving on fuel prices plus geographic emission zone charges ?

This simply allows both lease and Rental customers cheaper prices and more flexible leasing as well as Rental vehicles to assist small business growth. Are Audi genuinely willing to work with the Urban community to help Social Integrity solutions not only with Cosam Digital but with other small UK Urban businesses too ? Only time will tell.

Audi have now reneged on their perceived intention to support the urban community in a meaningful way and have opted for a deal with Lithia used car dealer instead who are an American brand, eventhough Lithia are a respected Car dealership with an array of economical cars for sale, their deal does not adhere to the needs of small businesses in the Urban community, so Enterprise Holdings have stepped in to support our electric car club partnership. Holdings will work with Universal credit where possible to support small business momentum for providing sustainable and convenient business travel around the City. Their vision will be to implement a workable opportunity for 100% progress in the electric and economical vehicle space for local communities. This supports a push for a new Uk government in the upcoming 12 months as a vehicle deal for small companies does a lot for improving mobility in the Capital, but does the existing UK Party in charge do enough to minimise both the rise and acceptance of economic systems that have been put in place at government level and below to ensure financial oppression and stagnation of Urban small businesses ? (updated 23rd March 2024) 

Source: Cosam digital media, spring 2024


Is AFRO Classism a Modern Reality ?

USA Agents have made allegations against the Urban Artist who seems to transcend time. It is absurd for law enforcement to single out Mr Combs and disrupt the cohesion of his personal life and that of his children for an allegation that he has not even been arrested for. Our colleague "KHALID Heat" has advised us that this was precautionary action by USA enforcement services relating to covert complaints received from various female sources, there has now been incriminating evidence surrounding this challenging phase of Mr Combs business career but personal matters should be dealt with in a way that does not damage or infringe in an individual's entire business career.


The reason this kind of Enforcement action is disturbing is because Agents have not given consideration this type of response will have on the mentality of the Urban Artist's children, potentially leading to trauma and discomfort later in life, with their father's perception and how they will be viewed as individuals as they get older by friends and potential work associates.

Should this be looked at as a form of Classism, due to the Social fact that when you ask yourself, how many times do you see wealthy individuals from the none-Black community treated in this way for a matter they have not been arrested for ? The Answer will be negligible. No one is perfect and we are sure Mr Combs has done things during his career relating to both business and personal relationships that he regrets and will make a mends for this.


Source: Cosam digital media,           Updated June, 2024




Former premiership star Yaya Sanogo moves to Chinese side Qingdao Red Lions. The soccer player who is now over 30 years old will hope to proceed with the 2nd tier team into retirement if his move is to be seen as successful. The ex-Auxerre star who is of Ivorian decent will be hoping to make 100% progress as their first choice striker but it remains unclear if he has perfected the language. While he might feel comfortable applying his profession on the football field, he might be concerned about his ability to integrate socially off the field due to the huge culture shock and a different way of living. How will the change in environment and atmospheric shock off the field affect his ability to perform on the field.This will be a question for review once the 2024 season has closed in the Asian league.

source: Cosam digital media March 2024 


Klopp and Social Integrity Influence

During his time away from the game, could we see Jurgen Klopp partnering with Universal Music Group Main Office in Germany to provide advice on Social Integrity Strategies. After a successful time in the Premier League it would be a modern social success story if Klopp were to help improve fairness in soccer around Europe and how the game combines with positive Urban Music to influence how both Youth and fans of the game behave socially during football games at stadiums and in a social setting away from the stadiums ( for those supporters without tickets ).

Klopp has been an integral part of influencing a progressive social dynamic in the Premiership. Jurgen Klopp will always be regarded as an ambassador for Social Integrity in the sport of soccer and his statue will not only be a statue to symbolise his success at Liverpool but also to signify his achievements for raising Social Integrity Standards.

If Social Integrity was an important function within society in the game of soccer during the 60's and 70's up to the present day, things would be a lot better and their would have been a lot less violence , deaths and racism linked to the sport. With the essential need for social media in today's society to bring people closer to their favourite sports athletes who put forth positive strategies preventing deaths in society or abnormalities that are in-directly linked to sport and an imbalance of economic power that now influences our game, Social Integrity stands alone as an effective solution to take the game forward.

Klopp understands the importance of soccer and also global sports as well as the impact that music can have on the younger generation. The reality is that negative music should not just be seen in a negative light as this music could have been produced as a result of cultural oppression. Positive music that our kids can also listen to which gives an inspirational message is not necessarily the best answer for some cultures as there could still be huge cultural problems being faced by adults within that Culture from entities who have economic power and financial leverage that only adult music can provide a solution to.

At Cosam Digital Media we produce social Integrity strategies that give a clear distinction between adults and kids culture that will still allow them to function together as one entity for the progress of both sports within culture and music.

With this in mind we should be clear in understanding that you cannot have a sports marketing agency who builds a player using their vision and ethos if your Core values are completely different from that of the player, then mis-representing their true beliefs and mis-leading fans to believe a sports personality is something they are not. This has been the situation for years and at Cosam Digital media we build a service based on authenticity. We have a clear understanding that to live and work as an athlete or musician In certainly countries you will have to adapt or adhere to some of their cultural requirements and this might have an adverse effect on your own cultural beliefs. With modern developments on how the sports and Music Industry has changed, we can safely say that being a sports star is no longer just about your ability or talent in your industry which is why having the right sports marketing agency or digital media company building with you as you grow in your professional career is vital. Working with younger athletes as they grow into global stars, influencing new communities and their own Culture in the right way is paramount.

Somalians and Black Culture

We are now in Black History month in the USA, and when you think about the Somalian culture, most people would say they are seen as Black people. At COSAM DIGITAL we would also say they are black.

The Somalian culture also identifies themselves as an important representation of Black culture and NOT Arab. This is why Somalians who are now a key part of the fashion Industry, have created modern sub-saharan clothing brands that help to clearly distinguish themselves from the remit of Arab control.

Arab control has been imposed on some areas of the Somalian culture, because of their financial advantage due to most Arab countries being oil Rich, but now with the Western fashion Industry growing for the Somalian Culture, they are not seen just as Muslims or East African Arabs but independent and a firm part of black culture.

We also believe there should be more representation for Somalian footballers in the Premiership as they do have talented footballers at youth level and make up a growing youth academy system in London. Youth are the Future of Sports.



 Source: cosam digital Team ( 26th Feb 2024 )