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                                               MESSI FOOTBALL

              ( find ball handling strategies in some purple centres around the UK )


The official football is crafted for enthusiasts and players that allows them to have full control of their football . This ball is perfect for Small area practice and garden training.

High specification of it's size and shape will provide players with the ideal ball for both garden training small area practice. The material quality and stitching allows the ball to withstand the strongest strikes and intense practice because of its high quality and advanced development testing.

With its unmistakable and impressive design this football will continue to be the worlds most trendy football for years to come.  

It is important for our children, nephews and nieces that they are aware how  football is a sport which Respect is very Important. 


 Some of these soccer players have now retired or changed clubs



You can see Curtis Jones and other soccer players giving their opinions on who is the Greatest athlete of all time.

YOU TUBE SEARCH: LFC (no footballers) GOAT Athletes

 24 seconds through the video you will see that people still believe in the effect of Kobe.



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