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                                               MESSI FOOTBALL

              ( find ball handling strategies in some purple centres around the UK )


The official football is crafted for enthusiasts and players that allows them to have full control of their football . This ball is perfect for Small area practice and garden training.

High specification of it's size and shape will provide players with the ideal ball for both garden training small area practice. The material quality and stitching allows the ball to withstand the strongest strikes and intense practice because of its high quality and advanced development testing.

With its unmistakable and impressive design this football will continue to be the worlds most trendy football for years to come.  

It is important for our children, nephews and nieces that they are aware how  football is a sport which Respect is very Important.. 


 Some of these soccer players have now retired or changed clubs



You can see Curtis Jones and other soccer players giving their opinions on who is the Greatest athlete of all time.

YOU TUBE SEARCH: LFC (no footballers) GOAT Athletes

 24 seconds through the video you will see that people still believe in the effect of Kobe.



                              We recommend: Nike Mercurial  

       Currently in trend are these soccer boots for optimal performance 




Mbappe Supports the Party

As a person who genuinely supports small businesses in the Urban community and actively willing to engage directly or in-directly with businesses, Mbappe looks to support London based business Cubi Cars club. This is an initiative by the urban community allowing the Global sports hero to work with Parents in the UK Capital and other relevant cities to show respect for small urban business growth and give kids the opportunity to build community support systems guided by their parents and will also lead to parents requesting intelligence toys and sports merchandise using the appropriate platforms to support their children's continued development. This is ideal for parents looking for a birthday Party event entertainment service in a secure environment.


 Book your day out from Paris to London and Enjoy a family weekend away with the Kids. Coach services from Paris - London start from less than £76.00. Why not stay at the Stay at an affordable hotel in Stratford, East London for 2 days or an alternative accommodation that works for your Budget. 

Select photo above to request our annual membership code . This will include 2 Cubi Cars drive out group sessions for 5 - 8 Kids per month. Group sessions are on Weekends only to allow those who have children at school during the week to still attend.



It's a pleasure for BCPO to represent the capital city of their country as the most prominent close protection service London has to offer. It is expected that this modern Cultural security Team will use Digital, technical, and physical protection methods where necessary to Safeguard Adults in the Urban community. 

BCPO are hoping to make a difference where Tottenham and Birmingham urban security teams have not been able to manage in helping single parents retain financial control of their personal circumstance by providing safeguarding support where needed. Some single parents might not know they are vulnerable or do not want to be seen as such, this is where Tottenham and Birmingham Cultural security representatives have failed.

This means that there are some situations for example where social workers might have failed to protect Vulnerable households in the Urban community and there might be young children where their mother may want to prevent them from going into care if she is struggling to cope and this keeps H.e.r. in a cycle of financial dependancy. Family homes where both parents are married are less likely to have children going into the Care system. Therefore a single parent with multiple children can be exploited by individuals within their family or outside of their family but still within their social friendship group. Brixton Close protection operatives will be there to offer support at vital hours where a mother might be overwhelmed by doing multiple things for 2 or more children. BCPO are not male only operatives but also female or Gender neutral.

In a domestic setting there are key times such as dinner time or other busy times where a single parent with multiple children will find it difficult to handle the struggle of parenting. Our operatives are not babysitters but are there to give stability at important times during a busy week. Some urban households in the Afro community will lack a male role model or father figure in the household that can represent the Afro community diligently and guide older children over 5 years old to their more independent adolescent years. This service will be a referral only service funded by the Universal Credit System. Fathers who have not been banned from seeing their children by the United Kingdom court system can use this business model to see their children and also help other single parent households in the Urban community providing they have been Cleared by the DBS.

The United Kingdom Care system are not the only area that our services are useful but also financial high earners including but not limited to , Company directors, Sports Athletes and Musicians can see a massive lifestyle improvement from working with our Team.