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Supporting OUR Work helps to plant more trees for a fairer socio-economic environment. 


 Through our digital media work in sports and music we help to prevent anti-discriminatory behavioural psychology for younger generations.



Both former Liverpool player Cisse and current player Konate urge Mbappe to join the REDS and believe he is perfect for their existing style of play on the soccer field. The recent signing of Dominik in the midfield from Leipzig show that the club prioritise not goal scoring midfielders but instead support intensity and creativity in the middle of the Park, statistically this is clear. Mbappe will thrive from a creative midfield. 

PSG have said they would hope for Mbappe to sign a new deal, but this is not Slave labour, there is no-sense in him withdrawing from a 1 year extension just to sign a new deal with the same club . That is laughable. The times of Slave labour now do not exist.

R.Madrid has always been a connection point for Racism against soccer players of colour, and Mbappe will not change their fans for the near FUTURE. This is no longer about money or a boyhood dream, but instead about where can you have the most positive impact on your Culture while reaching your TRUE Potential as a soccer player. The FUTURE for Mbappe is at a club where he can influence against Racism in Europe effectively and that needs to be done at a club where the Environment has supported Urban Culture for decades. There are only a few clubs in the Top English Soccer league that have this description but only one with the most Tittles in European's Top club competition with 6 Cups.

Joel Matip who has the same heritage as Mbappe would also be Galvanised at the back with the Anfield Club knowing Mbappe is in the front line of attack and will push to see an Mbappe deal over the line. A real clear statement of intent would now be for Mbappe himself to make his intentions clear that he wishes to join the Anfield club, who can win multiple Championships in the Top English soccer League and have a manager who is unphased by new challenges, the club has unbelievable Team spirit. 

He has clearly stated the importance of Societal changes for the Urban community, helping to push social dynamics forward from an early stage in multi-cultural communities, having a positive influence on Gender based orientation as well as minimizing financial discrimination against people of colour. In a recent meet ( Jan 2024 ) with the World renown New York based Lifestyle magazine he was Honest about the importance of staying humble and helping the local community on a collective level to raise his culture as a Whole. The impact on his decision surrounding the destination of his next club has now been put in doubt as Liverpool Manager " Jurgen Klopp " has now announced he will be leaving the club in summer 2024. This goes to show that managing a club is not just about coaching football players but also about dealing with social issues outside of football that can affect your decision making as a manager, Klopp will go in the Liverpol History books as an all time great manager and here at COSAM Digital we hope that things materialise for the better and he changes his mind ( eventhough highly unlikely ). Klopp has had a great effect on local communities in the uk and helping youth in football.

Following his recent interview with French television newspaper magazine ( updated February 13th 2024 ) , things seem to have changed regarding a move for Mbappe to Madrid and it now seems this is a realistic possibility for the prolific Frenchman following the announcement of the upcoming departure for Mr Klopp from Liverpool. If Mbappe is to be listed as one of the all time greats once his footballing career is complete he will need to progress to a club that is respected worldwide and that is certainly the case with the Madrid Club. However, there is alot of work to be done surrounding social integrity and this is NOT something that R.Madrid is known for globally and instead they are just regarded as one of the great footballing teams. The world has changed and if Mbappe does complete this change for next season the Madrid club will have to implement realistic social strategies that help not only the Urban community who are trying to shake the shackles of Cultural oppression in the game of European football  but also Madrid will need a realistic strategy to educate those clubs who do not have structures in place to educate their fans on how to minimize racism starting from their domestic setting at home before attending football games.



                                COSTCO wholesale are admirerer's OF Social Integrity                  

Cosam Digital have recently acquired a new events partner in a 10 year deal worth 2.13 million pounds .


M and S foods are no longer fans of Social Integrity and are no longer interested in a working Partnership with our Company but instead have decided to Align with Adidas sports Brand and Gym shark sportswear who share similar core values to M and S.

Adidas and Gym shark will be delighted to guide Kids of Single Parenting Families to make the right Gender based choices from a young age.

Here at COSAM DIGITAL we wish these UK food companies such as Sainsbury's and M and S the best of luck as well as other sports brands that align with their core values. Sainsbury's have a wide offering of food choices in their Superstores and will continue to encourage early gender based choices for children.

We will continue to support children NOT making early gender based choices about themselves until over the age of 20. Sponsoring our digital Discussions will show your support for our work and that your business aligns with our core values and social ethics. During our digital discussions we hope to create relevant ads supporting healthy eating and other general issues surrounding the sports and Music industry.




The BBC align with the core values of the supermarkets highlighted in the paragraphs above, and eventhough they do not believe in our core Value, that children should not make choices regarding Gender until over the specific age that we have clearly provided, they have to respect us.

Their Company Culture is not something that we can support, however UK Urban Artist "Miss la familia" shares some of the same core value beliefs as this media company, who are a huge constituent of the UK's Media Culture.

You can see "Miss la familia's" support of the BBC through her performances on their radio station " 1 Extra " by viewing her instagram page ( subject to changes ) or You tube.

Her recent performance on the Radio "1 Xtra's " partner show " KISS" radio boosting her Instagram page for her single " 1 ARDER " was a good display of her lyrical Artistry,  the KISS" radio performance at 22:08pm on the night after 21st October 2023 was a good way of promoting her work eventhough her core values are questionable to some.

We think by doing these performances to promote her work, she has been honest in showing her support for children making early Gender based choices, and here at COSAM Digital we will never agree with this but wish her all the best with her new Album and new single " 1 ARDER ", the fact is our Team have no issue with this Artist and are commending her honesty in working with businesses that reflect her core values, every female entrepreneur needs to increase their financial output whether you represent a small business or Larger corporate company in the black community. Not everyone is the Same.



 Mbappe Respecting SOCIAL INTEGRITY