MISS LUCY.R - PRESENTING OUR MUSIC EVENT 


Afro beats meets reggaeton : if you are in search of your music and dance destination when visiting London, Afro beats meets reggaeton is sure to give you a wonderful night of Cultural cohesion and give you a well deserved wellbeing boost. Afro beats meets reggaeton will help you to feel the natural urban vibe of London surrounded by people from different cultures who just want to have a good time. This is the event that will give you the reason to return to the capital for another vacation.



Avianca Urban music event : Avianca air hostess music event will not only help your London based team have a local event to keep your energy vibrant but Avianca urban music event will also give staff based overseas a reason to visit London to get their Morale high. Once you have left the heat of the tropical Latin countries the London atmosphere from your Avianca Urban music event will have you coming back to London time and time again for more. Avianca air hostess music event brings time outside of relevance due to the enjoyment of meeting new business people from other industries in a social environment for an exchange of cultural curiousities.



Sandals Holiday Urban Events London : If you want the best of Latin music and Afro Beats tunes, Sandals holiday urban event London is the social dance and networking event for you. Booking your wedding or a romantic vacation together ? There is no better place than the caribbean for your holiday. Sandals resort Urban music event London will give you a cultural awakening before your vacation, bringing you the best of Afro Beats and Latin Music. Sandals resort Urban music event London is not only a pre-holiday experience , but also after returning from your vacation you can use our event as a way to memorise your time together. If you live outside of London in other UK cities and want a pre-holiday experience, travelling to the Sandals resort Urban music event London is the perfect event to get your vibe started. Sandals holiday Urban events London will give you enjoyment from music and a taste of the different Cultures that you will be meeting on your holiday.



Ibis Urban music Event : How many hotels give you the chance to enjoy the music event of the year with other colleagues in your hotel and from different hotel groups around Europe. Ibis Urban music event will not only give you the chance to meet new staff from other hotels where you might one day work but you also have the opportunity to share enjoyable moments with friends and family having photos and videos reflecting on your enjoyable night. Maybe there are members of your work team that you would like to know better but the opportunity never presents itself because of work commitments. Ibis urban music event will change your work dynamic and increase professionalism as once you know someone better this allows you to work more effectively as a team . 


 Miss LUCY.R


Tourism helps London : People often ask why tourism helps London so much and this is an industry that has great economic value that can often be overlooked, the traditional Culture of the city and also the modern Urban Culture combine to make London always well worth the visit . Does tourism help London ? With the right music events to support the world touring music and sports shows at mega stadium venues , smaller Urban events sharing London's multicultural dynamism, while discussing some traditional values provides the tourism help London needs to stay vibrant. Once you have visited London for the first time and you find our music event , you will know how tourism helps London through music and dance. You will not ever ask yourself about London's tourism vibe again