Our Story

Our business, Cosam Universal Incorporated is a company that offers Wellbeing services by delivering Social Integrity Strategies that help the Urban community achieve financial growth via inter-connected social capitalist solutions. Physical Personal Training is no longer a service we offer and we instead provide referrals to suitable gyms that support Social Integrity. We create SPORTS MERCHANDISE Branding relevant to our core values for both casual and smart Adult SportswearIf you look through an individual's behavioural pattern this might not be their way of showing their own sexual orientation but instead showing respect for the sexual-orientation of others depending on the Cultural region that they are currently in and we respect this fact. The continent of Africa will be different to the continent of Asia, just like the continent of Asia will be different to the continent of America. However, each individual's own beliefs will also influence their behavioural patterns.



OUR MUSIC EVENTS support development of the Urban community through psychology , physiology and environmental Wellbeing . The reason our event is linked to social wellbeing is because sometimes there is no better way to de-stress than to Dance .

 Sports and music play an important Role in Cultural cohesion, therefore understanding someones culture means not only understanding their favourite sport but also Music and Food too. If local regions have the right financial support systems that prevent individuals from turning their back on work or developing lack of enthusiasm toward social engagement things will become more difficult navigating through our  current economic climate for all.

As a Wellbeing service our KEY Focus areas look at providing firstly adult wellbeing solutions, and as a "Cultural service" we implement strategies that lead to a fairer and more balanced socio-economic environment in local communities. From an environmental stand point we support zero-emission and other realistic methods to keep London and other cities working towards more sustainable and ethically friendly environmental objectives. 

An individuals Wellbeing can deeply be affected by their environment which can lead to lack of work or social-integration if this is negatively influenced by our key focus areas.  


Both Black and Indian middle aged men can benefit from social wellbeing strategies helping them to choose more relevant casual/smart sportswear linked to their individual core values and behavioural patterns giving communities an honest representation of themselves. This allows a better environments for the younger generation but still allows men to be a bachelor if their lifestyle and work combination does not allow otherwise. C.O.S.A.M Champions economic disparity by addressing socio-economic imbalances with digital sports culture.